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Love God, Love People
Danny Gokey

Power of Your Story3

We understand it can be intimidating to share your story...

... but we have seen the power of a story shared and how it impacts lives.

When we're going through a hard time, that's the only thing we can see, so when we hear that somebody else is going through a hard time and what God did for them, it gets our eyes off the issue and helps us get our eyes on Him, and gets us thanking and praising Him. We recognize, "Yes, God is working through my problem." ~ Lauralee~

Impact a life by sharing how God has worked through your life through the ministry of UCB Canada!

It's easy to share your story. You can share in the one of the following ways:

(1) Phone: Call the UCB Storyline (Select option #2, then record your story).

(3) Social Media: Record your video/audio on your phone and send through Facebook Messenger.

(4) Web: click here to submit your story:

(5) Email: Attach your video/audio and email it to

Share with us YOUR experience of how God has used UCB Canada to impact your life!

Simply answer one of the following questions:

(1) What was a "God moment" you have experienced through UCB Canada?

(2) What would your life be like without UCB Canada in it? Tell us how it is influencing your life.

(3) Do you have a story of the "right song" (or word) coming at the "right time"?

* Please note we reserve the right to use these stories on air, online, or in various publication mediums.

Thank you for sharing your story!